Each and every day more than 500 press releases is distributed. No one reads them. Therefore, the press release content must have an attractive and eye-catching headline to make people read it. According to research, out of 10 people, only 8 people use to write headline and 2 will read the content. Moreover to get more attention you must have attention-grabbing headline. By doing this you can attract more audiences.  Use Google in order to make search visibility. Most of the PR professionals have been slow to integrate information into their workflow.

In order to boost your reach, there are plenty of tools which you can use to optimize your headline. It is highly recommended to use free Google trends which aid you to compare phrases & keywords. Follow the below-given tips on how to write your Press Release headline by using Google:

  • Make it short and attractive

Long headline gets condensed in many readers. As well as they get bored with long titles. Therefore make the headline simple and easy for readers.

  • Make it friendly

Nowadays the audiences are more aware and enthusiastic. When you create your press release headline, make sure it is very easy to promote on social media.

  • Powerful

The headline you create must say what the content is about. Instead of using passive voice in your message make use of active voice because it is more powerful. It is one of the great ways to boost your PR content.

  • Must be trendy & new

Utilize keywords in your headline which are well known on the social network. This makes your content trendier. You can hire the best online press release distribution service to make your content relevant and headline more perfect.

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