Pizza is everyone’s go-to food. Pizza orders are generally cheap. If you go from the regular ones to the ones with more flavor, then that’s when it gets pricey. However, there are certain hacks that the pizza shops or pizza guys won’t tell you. But, we will.

These are the different ways to get the most out of your next pizza order. So the next time you bestill pizza lørenskog, you know what to do.

Learn the pizza equation by heart

A viral video from YouTube introduced the pizza equation to the world and it’s just proper that we pass it on. Using math, you can maximize your pizza consumption. For instance, when you order an 8-inch pizza, you get at least 50 square inches of that cheesy goodness. On the other hand, if you order the 16-inch one next time, you get to enjoy at least 300 square inches. If you do the math, that’s four times the original size.

Subscribe on point systems

If your favorite pizza parlor has a points systems for recurring customers, make sure to get in on it! Since you already buy lots of pizza from the place, you’ll get enough points overtime to redeem freebies and possible other perks! You are getting the most out of your pizza addiction.

Check out online pizza calculators!

This may seem a new concept to you but online pizza calculators do exist! They help you figure out what’s the best deals for brands such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and more! They may not be that reliable especially if you already have an existing preference but there is definitely no harm in trying. You can find a few of those online, simply do a quick google search.

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