PDF format has been a great use not just in the business industry, but also for the students. A PDF displays the exact same content and layout regardless of the operating system, device or software on which it is viewed. One of the great things about a PDF is that in any PDF program it can be read and edited irrespective of where it was created. Because of the great use of this format, many users covert other formats into PDF. However, what features should we look for in a PDF editor? PCWorld has answered this question for us and here are the following:

  • Creating, converting and exporting PDFs

The most fundamental function of a PDF editor is to make PDFs either from scanned copies or digital documents.The capability of exporting PDF to other formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, HTML or plain text, but also maintaining hyperlinks, images, and other elements in the original files is a characteristic of a good PDF editor.

  • Editing the content

Another feature of PDF editors is the ability to modify text – inserting, resizing, and moving images – and to rearrange PDF pages. It should be an easy task for good editors to do it like allowing hyperlinks to be edited in – line, dragged and dropped, and added or removed.

  • Safe and Secured

As documents all have sensitive and confidential data content, a good PDF editor should have a good security which enables access of documents for authorized persons only. They usually provide multiple security levels, including password protection, permission setting, and content editing, which will “black out” text and images selected.Also, most PDF editors will offer one or more ways to sign documents electronically.

You are not required to just base on the features that was mentioned above, you should also use your personal preferences in choosing a good software. If you want to read more articles from the source of this information, go to home page and you will see other articles that is worth reading.

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