Why Iron Cover Fabric is Important?

Iron cover fabric is as important as the iron board. Remember that your clothes are laid on the fabric for even ironing. If the wrong materials are used for iron fabric cover, you may end up changing the iron fabric every now and then.

There are some problems encountered when you choose the wrong fabric material as your iron cover. Every housewife complains of poor fabric quality. As a smart housewife, you should know the right fabric that would go well with your ironing board.

Here are the common fabric related problems encountered when ironing.

  1. Thin fabric cover – if this often the cause of the problem, you will normally encounter burn clothes or the fabric itself is burned for some time, so you need to change it again and again.
  2. Loose Fit – When the fabric cover does not snuggle fitly into your iron board, you will have recurring problems of wrinkling and this will affect the clothes you iron. It will also have that wrinkled effect. Not a clear evidence of ironing was done.
  3. 3.   Easily burn – A thin fabric will have this problem more often. Some will even stick to the iron pad. That will make ironing job more difficult as you will need to adjust the heat every now and then.

So, if you are wondering what to do with the fabric of your iron board, better choose the right ones. If you have to choose the best ironing board today, you also need to choose the right fabric as your iron board cover.

How to Choose the Right Material for Iron Board Cover?

Metallic Covers

Most fabrics with metallic covering are best used. It helps reflect the heat back to the fabric which eases the job of ironing plus it can save a lot of energy.

Thick and Snuggly Cover

Fabric that is thick and snuggles to your iron board is best. It does not slip out of the board and makes ironing easy and comfortable.

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