Gone are the days when gaming is limited to just the PC and consoles. Mobile games are now taking up the gaming world and it does not seem to be backing down. These games are just as advanced in graphics and gameplay and doesn’t compromise anything to give its players the best experience. In addition, mobile gaming has also become such a convenient and easier way to enjoy playing video games on the go.

These days, one way to enjoy mobile gaming is with the use of virtual reality or VR headsets. These are devices used over the player’s eyes where they are then transported to a three-dimensional universe where the fun begins.

But is mobile VR the future of gaming? Or is it just a fad that’s going to be long gone in just a few months’ time?


As far as mobile VR gaming goes, there are lots of games out there on mobile that are VR ready. You can play sim games and shooting games in VR. These days, gambling games are the trend in VR games and we can definitely see that this is going to stay.

So many games out there for mobile can be played on a VR headset and the demand for it is continuing to rise. Developers are also continuing to make such games available in this platform. For instance, EA’s Origin Europe website offers lots of games available for PC and mobile VR.

Hassle Free

All you need when playing a mobile VR game is a headset and your phone. With this, it’s easy to put up unlike gaming consoles and PCs. You also don’t need to spend much in order to enjoy such a game when all you need to get is just the headset. People of all ages can also enjoy these games while they’re out and about.

Mobile VR may be the next generation’s way of gaming and with all things considered, it isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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