To study abroad, some countries like Canada need student visas. Study permit allows you to stay in the country for the duration of the course; however, though courses below six months do not require a license. The sessions lasting longer than six months need a student visa. There are two choices to apply for a student visa in Canada, offline and online. If you opt to apply for visa offline, you should consider asking the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto. It is a great way to improve the chances of your permit getting approved. And another way to apply for a visa is through online. It is a more natural process, which does require you to go through long paper processes.

Study and Work At The Same Time

The best part of having a student visa in Canada is you can work while studying. Student immigrants are allowed to work on campus during the duration of their course. And a great way to cope up with the expenses of studying abroad. At some institutions in Canada, you are allowed to work off-campus. With this privilege, students can learn more about Canada while earning money.

Post – Graduating Visa

Eligible Canadian institutions have programs of post-graduation work permit, which is given to student immigrants who graduated from said institutions. These students obtain the ability to work with other companies and institutions. Not just in their school, a great way to gain valuable work experience. Gradually this permit will qualify graduates for permanent residence or green card.


Studying abroad, especially in Canada is a great opportunity and privilege. Though the process is long, applying for a student visa will be beneficial in the future. Graduating student courses makes one eligible for permanent residency. Canada is a flourishing country that welcomes immigrants with open arms.


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