Nowadays almost every brand and influencer has an Instagram account. Be it a startup or an established brand, you’ll find all of them on Instagram. However although everyone has an Instagram account now, it can still be difficult to grow the follower base. It requires a lot of work and patience to achieve a good and authentic follower base. You can choose to buy quality Instagram likes, but it is still preferable to do everything manually. Below are 4 ways in which you can grow your Instagram follower base the authentic way.

  1. Engage

It is very important to keep your engagement rate high on Instagram. Whether replying to your followers, or commenting on posts related to your niche, it can all be quite rewarding. Make sure you never miss to reply to your followers to always keep them interested in your content.

  1. Video Content

With the advent of IGTV, there has been a spike in popularity of IGTV videos. You can choose to go live at times, or post videos on your story, or make IGTV videos. The video content can be how-to’s or product guides, whatever you choose to convey to your audience. IGTV videos particularly lead to a growth in follower base.

  1. Focus on Photography and Content

Since Instagram is a platform for photo-sharing, always try to shoot the best pictures for your feed. Understand lighting conditions, color contrasts and aesthetics of a picture, because it is your picture that speaks a million words on Instagram. Focus on creating an organized feed and engaging content.

  1. Genuine Practices

It is best to stay away from automated likers and fake followers, they can pull down your profile anytime. Thus always focus on building your follower base in a genuine way. It takes time, but sure pays off.

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