Using a Gantt chart creator in Spreadsheets, making one in JavaScript form is very easy. But before anything else, let’s define what a Gantt Chart is. A Gantt chart is a visual representation of an entire project which contains the specific tasks and all the people involved. Plus, it also states the intended start and end date.


Why are Gantt Charts beneficial?

Gantt Charts are beneficial because of the following:

  • Gantt charts are the best way to display specific tasks and the person assigned on each activity.
  • Perfect use for planning and scheduling projects.
  • Overview of the timeline of the project so you are on the right track.

How to make a JavaScript Gantt Chart

Here’s the step by step guide in making a Gantt chart in spreadsheet. Simply follow the following:

  1. First and foremost, create your task table in the columns and rows. This means that you have to input all the tasks and activities you want your Gantt Chart to reflect. Moreover, you can include the start and end date, duration of each task and the people involved
  2. Then, make your Gantt chart using a stacked bar. To do so, just:
  • Point on any blank cell
  • Go up and click on insert tab
  • Click on the bar chart icon and when a drop-down menu appears, click on the stacked bar.
  • A blank window should appear.
  1. Add start dates and the duration of your tasks
  2. Then, insert your tasks.
  3. Last but definitely not the least, format your chat.

Other ways to make a Gantt Chart

If you don’t feel like making a Gantt Chart in spreadsheets, you are free to take on in other Gantt chart maker apps or software. These may be easier and more convenient to use than spreadsheets.

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