You meet somebody, you start spending time with them, suddenly everything about you is about them, you fall in love, and thus begins a relationship. In this process of getting into a relationship with a person, you focus so much on the positive sides of them the negatives become a blur. Until time passes and these blurred images come into the light and become clearer. But you already are in a relationship now. Here are 6 signs that will help you decide if you are in a relationship with the right person or not.

  • You feel alone when you’re in a crisis.

Many times when you are surrounded by difficulties and you need support from your loved one, he/she is not there with you. If that is the case you come across often, then definitely you’re in a relationship with the wrong person.

  • He/she does not respect you.

When you have an argument with your partner and they do not think before abusing you. They do not worry about your feelings in the race of winning the argument, then this is another sign of a bad relationship with the wrong person.

  • He/she does not appreciate your effort

You do several things for them, but in the end, somehow you get blamed for whatever you do. They do not appreciate the efforts you put in for them.

  • They are hesitant about the idea of settling with you

In spite of the time you’ve invested in making the relationship work. They are always hesitant to take the steps further.

  • They expect much from you but are not ready to do the same for you

There are times when you are asked to something for them, and you readily did that, without thinking about how it will affect you, but when it comes to them for making this choice, they are not ready or are hesitant for doing it for you.

  • They do not involve you in their life

When it comes to introducing you to the important people, they aren’t sure about it. They avoid bringing you and their friends and family in the same room.

These are the 6 signs that you’re in a relationship with the wrong person. Soon this news will be a part of your relationship as you realize it.

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