There is wide array of products nowadays. Some of it has certain ingredients that are good for the health but if taken with an excessive amount could cause harm to a person. One of the said ingredients is the CBD or Cannabinoid. Though it is legal to some countries yet many countries still doesn’t allow this substance to be legal. It has been used as a treatment for deceases in the western part of the world but in the east it is considered as a harmful and dangerous substance. Many countries have been fighting for several years on the negative effect it has to a person’s life. No one has succeeded yet but leaders are hopeful to solve this problem.

How about you?

What is your stand? Do you agree to legalize CBD in your country? Or are you one of the supporters of keeping it out and away from the society. As for me, it’s “yes” and it’s “no.”


I say yes! To use it as a treatment for deceases, for medical purposes and for other health benefits. Aside from that I say “no” then. Here are some tips on knowing products with CBD ingredient on it.

  1. Check labels – the labeling of the products is important so be sure to examine it.
  2. Do some Research – research the legality of the product. Look for the manufacturers details.
  3. Read Articles – Reviews and articles online will give you some knowledge about the product, so take time to read some of them.

A Tip.

Next time, before you chug down that water you just bought, check the label first if it has some CBD on it. As you see there some water companies that have personalized labels for water bottles so that the CBD content on the water won’t be flagged down by authorities. Lastly, be familiar on what are content of the food and beverages you put into your body.

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