It is very annoying to have certain pests ruining your property or lawn. One of the most common pests that can be very annoying is the Cicada killer wasps. From the name itself, these wasps can be very deadly for your lovely lawn, which is why you should be ready to protect it from these pests at all costs using this guide.

  1. Know Your Enemy
    Ground-digger wasps are quite bigger than a green hornet in terms of size. These passive-aggressive wasps create a nest underground on dry and unfertilized soil. Full-grown Cicada killer measures about an inch and a half, but can also grow a bit larger than that.
  2. Look For Signs Of Manifestation
    Before doing and putting an effort to catch the irritating wasps, you must make sure that they are really existing in your lawn by looking out for signs. You will know it if there are very fine mounds of soil that are piled up from your lawn. From the base part of the pile of dirt, there would be a hole that has a finger-sized opening that looks like a path.
  3. Be Prepared For Their Coming
    One of the keys to avoid these killer wasps is to know the time when they are most active. This would make them more vulnerable to you. In some parts of the US, these wasps would be active starting mid-July until the latter part of August which would make it about one month. In about 2-3 weeks, they would already be fully grown.

These steps would help you make the perfect plan on how to get rid of these killer wasps. However, always remember to keep your pets away when dealing with ground-digger wasps. This can be somehow tricky and might get confused if the holes were just from post hole diggers, but it’s important to always be ready to protect your lawn from these pests.

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