Virtual Private Network or VPN act as your first layer of defense when accessing different websites. It also conceals your network identity if you a private and secured web browsing, also, VPN helps you access contents that are region-locked whether you are trying to download a file or stream movies that are only accessible a specific country. These activities are recorded under VPN Logs in which, on the contrary, some VPN offerings include in their marketing materials the ‘no logs’ claim. Let’s find out what exactly does the VPN Log means and what are their specific use and purpose.

Defining Log means, to record or put into writing all the activities that takes place. For VPN, there are number of reasons why VPN logs the activities of its users. One is to monitor the number of users connected in a VPN. This reason for logging allows VPN companies to monitor the number of users that are currently connected and can set a certain number of users and VPN bandwidth at a given time.

Another reason why VPN logging exist is for easier to troubleshoot and perform a network optimization for each user. This way, VPN companies can monitor the activities of their product thru different results provided by each unique user. VPN logging isn’t such a bad idea after all. At some point, it is also a nice feature to have as reference especially when troubleshooting and optimizing network. It can be also a reference for future software update that may be released.

The no-log set by VPN companies are mostly marketing strategy and hoping that future subscriber will give in to this marketing ploy. If you are new to VPN, you may continue reading about VPN at various websites and links found in Google or your preferred search engine.

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