Photo booth rentals have been gaining steady popularity when it comes to photography of events, be it social or corporate. And rightly so, since these photo booths offer an extra dimension of fun that the traditional photography services just couldn’t.

Having a photo booth in your event gives your guest an excuse to be more relaxed and makes your event more interactive. Additionally, it is much cheaper compared to hiring a professional photograph. However, much like any other services, most photo booth rentals are on a per hour basis, and it’s best to maximize the photo booth rental as much as possible.

Here are ways you can get the most out of your photo booth rental:

Position the booth optimally

Placing the photo booth in a strategized location in the venue will help maximize its usage. Put it in a place where all guests will be able to see and access it easily. Another important note to consider when picking a location for the booth is lighting. Make sure the position will result in high quality for each and every photo.

Provide fun and entertaining props and costumes

Photo booth snapshots are not as fun when there are no costumes and props that go with it. Let your guests express their innate creativity in the photo booth by providing a wide array of props and costumes for them to play with.

Keep in mind the backdrop

Photo booths will need a backdrop that will set the theme for the whole event. Get creative with your backdrop and make it more inviting for your guests. The more visually attractive the backdrop is, the more your guests will want to get their picture taken.

Open the booth at an ideal time

Opening your photo booth too early, when most of your guests have not arrived yet, will put it into waste. Likewise, if you open it too late just when some of your guests start to leave will not maximize your rental. Choose a time when all guests are present and the fun is just getting started to make the most of your photo booth.

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