Who doesn’t love a good game right? It’s a way of having fun and thinks less about “the adulting life”. Everybody is doing it, as what you’ve noticed of this era people are always on their phones; scrolling for new updates, posting pictures or videos about how their lives are doing or how they look, tweeting, snapchats and so on. The most addicting part about this newly developed technology is the 부스타빗; players will invest money on it just to upgrade their personal computers for it to be compatible to the features/graphics of the game. 

The thrill and excitement that you feel from playing online games, creating characters and being a hero of your own gaming world. There are varieties of online gaming sites but which one are worth the time?

Here’s the list of the best MMO games.

  1. Mortal Royale

It is a fantasy game that shows brutal and bloody settings. It’s a free play battle royale wherein over 1000 players engage to this kind of MMo gaming. If you have a steam account you just easily access and install this exciting game online. We all love a closely realistic features game setting, so if you don’t have any problems with brutal effects then this game will make your heart race.

  1. Dauntless

It is an action role playing game that was developed by Phoenix Lab. It can be played with multiple players and the main objective is to survive from the atrocious behemoths. Each player has the ability to freely choose his/her weapons of desire and be keen on where your enemies’ weak spots.

  1. Blade & Soul

It’s a 3D action combat MMORPG, it involves with physical and mystical capabilities. Players should learn how to master the Kung Fu moves in order to defeat their enemies.

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