Consumers are getting increasingly dependent on mobile phones for shopping decisions today. No wonder, every business now should have a business app to make things convenient for their target niche. But having an app is not enough. You have to be proactive to promote it on app stores to reach out maximum possible potential customers and that too at the shortest time possible. The post below shares some insights on how to promote all apps on app stores.

Arm app with targeted keywords

Your app should be powered with most relevant, low-competitive yet popular keywords. Around 2/3rd of downloads on Apple app store are based on searches. If your app is backed by the right set of keywords, the app store will bring you to the fore when a search is made related to your industry.

Get featured

One of the best ways to promote your application on app store is to secure a berth on the famous Feature page of Apple app store. Easy visibility on the Feature page will always ensure better and faster exposure of your app the all visitors. This is certainly one of the smartest and quickest way to bring your app before your target niche.

Count on Search Ads

If you need an extra pump for your app, take to Search Ads on app stores. These ads allow you to spread the word about your app more effectively. Those who sign up for Search Ads get to explore various advanced features that assure more successful promotion and exposure for their apps. For example, Search Ads enable you to post ads targeting particular audience niches, based on location data and demographic details.

Request bloggers for promotion

You can also request leading bloggers from your industry to write positive reviews on your application. You can post the link of your app page on app stores in the blog posts to send readers directly to the app page.

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