While downloading the applications and games, there is a chance of getting affecting by virus or malware. You need to avoid downloading apk files as they transmit the malware. There are many ways to avoid malware and prevent your smartphone. Also, you can use antivirus to avoid the virus. If you want to make the device secure and safe from malware and other dangerous activities, then click here.

You need to take some measures to protect your phone from malware which is as follows:-

  1. Set passwords

You should put a lock on your smartphone. This will help you in protecting your phone as to when the phone is locked it is safe.

  1. Use antivirus and keep off unknown sources

Use an antivirus scanner, as it will be helpful after downloading any application or game. The scanner will scan the game and tell you that it is safe for your phone or not or does it contain any virus. Also, keep off then unknown sources off for any app, as it can cause malware from unknown sources if kept on.

  1. Avoid APK files

While downloading, some apps need to download the apk files. This is an android package which is sometimes needed by software to download the application, but it has a dark side also. It comes with malware and includes criminal element. So, it is considered better to avoid downloading apk files.

  1. Grant permissions that are required and use less Bluetooth

Some applications need to access permissions that your phone is allowing. So just allow the permissions that are only required and don’t give access to all the things as it may transmit some virus by other resources. Also, use less Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as connectivity to these outside the house can cause malware in your phone.

Moving further, after downloading the applications or games you must scan it to know before using that it should not contain any antivirus or malware.

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