Why trade Bitcoins?

Bitcoin, like gold or cash, is another means through people around the world can buy or acquire assets and services. But there is a difference between both cash and gold or any other investment when compared to a bitcoin. The main difference is that gold is valuable and limited but cannot be moved easily. Hard cash is easily movable and valuable but is not limited in quantity. So a Bitcoin is better compared to both because it is limited in value and highly valuable and can be moved easily.

How to sell a Bitcoin or convert it to money?

Bitcoin like any other currency or commodity can be obtained from various ways. A Bitcoin faucet is a simple way where any person is provided with a very small micro-fraction of a Bitcoin in return for small tasks or services. There are also other ways which can give a lot of Bitcoins. So after a person has some minimum amount of these online currencies, they can convert it to hard money in hand or in their account. The best way is to exchange it on cryptocurrency exchange sites for directly depositing money into the account of the seller. Or one can also withdraw cash from a Bitcoin ATM in exchange for Bitcoins according to the present value of the currency. Another easier option will be to trade with someone interested in buying Bitcoins in return for money. This method is the best because it is not accompanied by taxes and conversion charges.

All of the methods suggested above are used when the person willing to sell has a minimum value of bitcoins and it is not always safe to convert the bitcoin by trading it for cash as there are fake websites that cheat the user into giving up the cryptocurrencies they have.

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