Online gaming is the current trend to many people right now, may it be young or even old. Everyone just loves playing online games and there are actually a lot of ways you can play online games. You can play using your phone, your computers and other devices that you have as long as it is compatible. Many people are even addicted to it but some say it’s just their past time.

But have you ever really asked about the effects of playing online games on your behavior or characteristics? Many scholars and physicians have partnered to find out how online gaming affect each and every person who plays regularly and honestly, the effect that they found out is not so good. So, the question now is how do you turn the bad effect of online gaming into a beneficial effect that can somehow help you?

Social Network

Instead of just playing alone, you can try creating a social network of your own. Since you are already connecting with a lot of people from the different side of the world, you can start adding them up to your connections which you can use in the future as you travel or they can just become an additional friend for you that you might possibly meet in the future

Video Blog

Online gaming can become an income generating hobby. You can start making video blogs about your game. Most of the time video blogs about online games don’t need to have a certain content so, it is actually easier to make because it is randomly filmed and you don’t have to do much work about content writing and you don’t even have to worry about the venue because you can readily start video blog at your own room.

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