We’ve all been there. We are so excited about the product we’ve bought. We open a package and realized all the instructions read like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Then, you check out bosch classixx 6 manuals from big names, and you see how they made things simple and easy. Simplicity is always the winner in the end. Every inventor wrestles with this realization. How do you tell people how to operate your product and use words or concepts that are common?

The Importance Of User Manual Templates

That’s the time when templates can play a big part in covering all the necessary angles in every instructional manual. These things can range from step by step guide or walkthroughs, up to the legal angle. The question is: Does A User Manual Template Simplifies the Job of Creating Your Own User Manual? We will look into that carefully.

The Significant Purpose

The template must determine the purpose of the product to your target market, and should have the following:

  • The instructions should look organized.
  • It should contain space for sketching.
  • It should cover viable outlines of the manual’s contents.
  • It should offer customization based on your company’s culture.
  • It is too long. There should be an index.
  • It must present test guide.
  • It must specify revisions(if necessary).
  • It should present a final draft and should contain formatting options based on the demand of the delivery.
  • It should follow organizational policies, guidelines as well as legal standards.
  • Feedback should be necessary.


There are many user manual templates on the web that you can download. And most of then can meet the demands suited to your product. Yes, they can simplify and make it easy for you to create your user manual if you don’t have a technical writing skill. But the manual of your choice should have the components mentioned above so that it works.

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