Tagged Image File Format is a file format for keeping a bitmap image. This is popular among photographers and graphic artists. Tagged Image File abbreviated as TIFF supports optical character representation,scanning,image manipulation,word-processing, and page layout applications. Aldus Corporation designed this Format for Desktop use. In 1992 its latest version was published. All its file is with extension .tiff or .tif .Its internal media type is image/tiff and image/tiff-fx. Adobe Systems later updated this file format. Its latest release was 27 years ago on 22 March 2002.

In 1990 Adobe designed a file format named as Portable Document Format. It is used to present a document which is independent of an operating system like images. Each PDF file includes font, bitmap, images,text,graphics and more. In 2008 it was standardized. The PDF file is with the extension .pdf and internal media type is application/pdf,application/x-pdf,application/x-bzpdf,application/x-gzpdf. This file format was developed by ISO. Its standard version is ISO 32000-2. Website-www.iso.org/standard/63534. Today PDF file may conatin many rich element also like videos and 3D objects etc.

Conversion Of Multiple TIFF File Into A Single PDF File

Step to convert a tiff file to pdf are:

  • First, go to Adobe Acrobat 7.0 standard
  • Now from the multiple files select Create PDF &gt option

  • Choose the browse button under Add file option. Go to the folder which contains all the TIFF file select the TIFF files you want to convert and Click to Add button. Then click okay.
  • The multiple TIFF files are converted and saved into PDF files. To reduce the size of the file compress it and select yes option from the dialogue box that appears.

So Follow the step mentioned above to and convert tiff file to pdf file properly.

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