Soccer may not be an extreme sport but when you’re playing against a lot of people, trying to get past them by only using your legs to maneuver a ball, then it can’t be helped that there would be accidents or injuries when the game gets intense. It’s only natural.

Although you can’t avoid accidents from happening to you, you still have injuries you might incur during the game to think about such as muscle cramps in the middle of running. This, however, can be avoided along with a few injuries. Below are ways how:


Before a game or before even doing warm ups, it’s best to do some stretching. This prevents sprains and muscle strains. Do some proper stretching that targets the groin, hips and hamstrings so you can move better while you’re playing.

Warm Ups and Soccer Drills

After stretching, warm up with some soccer drills. This is essential to get your blood flow and your heart rate to match the pre-game’s pace. That healthy dose of adrenaline is a great way to start the game and helps avoids injuries. It’s understandable you’d like to be on your phone and play BandarQ. But working your muscles first and foremost before a soccer game is even more important.

Wear Shin Guards

Shins are most likely the area prone to be hit during soccer. This can be very painful and can give you bruises or an even worse injury. Shin guards protect you from such accidents. Make sure to wear one while you’re on practice and during a game.

Be Prepared

You can only do so much to avoid injuries. But when you do have it, it’s best to know how to deal with them. Visit your local orthopedic or doctor at once when an injury happens. Have a first aid kit in your bag every time you have a game. Being prepared helps in dealing with these injuries much faster.

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