As time goes by, technology improves itself and you as a consumer gets more available option to use it. In the earlier generation, you are probably most used to using Microsoft Word tools in printing your materials or even on your slide presentations. You’re able to use it even in business or school and many more. But, is it still as efficient before?

The traditional way of presenting business proposals or school reports are through a slide presentation. But you are already living in the modern generation where technology already provides you an option of video presentation. Which benefits will be found here,

  1. Entertainment

Most people are entertained through watching movies and videos and we can’t deny the fact that whenever there are presentations, we truly need something that will catch the interest of the listeners or the audience. Therefore, it is important to give visual entertainment. It may not be as good as movies, but this will attract their curiosity.

  1. Creativity

Presentations are most commonly known as the boring session in the office or even at school reporting, but your audience will be able to keep their attention only on you if you practice the creativity on your presentations. People with authority like boss or professors may also appreciate your creativity standards and may give you an additional point for it.

  1. Effectivity and Efficiency

The traditional presentation usually causes you to depend on the next slide and sometimes that makes you look like you don’t really know what you are trying to present, sometimes it makes you look like you are depending on it too much, but video presentation is entirely different. It plays on the background while you interpret it or sometimes you can also speak right after the video presentation. That way the attention is not divided.

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