Is running an essential training for soccer? Certainly, yes. But should the main course of soccer conditioning depend on running? Definitely, no. While running is one of the main activities that players do in the soccer field, it should not be the main focus of every coach or player in conditioning their fitness. As the sport of soccer evolves, so are the techniques and methods of nailing the game. Hence, here are the reasons why running may be outdated for soccer conditioning.

Running is not the main course

It maybe true that players run a lot in the game. Studies say that players run approximately 70 percent of the entire minutes of the game. But the reality is such recorded running doesn’t correspond to the actual course or reason of the accomplishment of the run. Hence, the 70% running comes from high intensity and explosive runs rather than long and slow ones.  That said, running is not the main course of the sport.

Running affects player’s performance

Gone are the days when people believe that running builds player stamina. It maybe true, but not accurate enough. Running long distance makes players weak. It also stimulates the slow twitch muscle fibers, which will lead to the adaption of the body to the slow tempo from performing a long distance running.

Dynamic Sprinting drills

Instead of giving so much attention to long distance running, coaches should start focusing more on dynamic sprinting drills. This will not only enhance the player’s agility, which is an essential skill in playing soccer, but it will also build stamina and strengthen body muscles.

Soccer is not a poker online that requires one strategy to win. Players need to be trained in different ways for them to be physically and mentally ready in the competition.

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