A Murray video shop has been surprising his customers of late and the results are mindblowing. So, what surprise can a video store have in store, just next to popcorn & DVDs? Well, a new addition to the store is CBD goodies. At present, the store offers a great collection of various products infused with CBD. These include CBD oil, gummies, lotion, water and lip balm. The store started introducing these products in April this year and has witnessed an upward sale since then on cannawholesalers.ca.

Inspired by CBD’s healing power

It’s little strange for a video shop to sell CBD. So, what pushed the Murray store to offer CBD goodies? Well, the move was largely inspired by the store CEO’s personal healing experience with CBD. He was down with extreme elbow pain and it was CBD which proved to be truly helpful in his dire condition. He now wishes to share the benefits of CBD with others as well through various CBD products. Various studies have claimed that CBD is extremely beneficial to heal terribly painful conditions. It also helps with deep slumber and hence great for people down with insomnia. There are many canna wholesalers today that offer CBD at an affordable rate.

Revenue boost

As mentioned previously, the Murray shop has even experienced escalated revenue in the last month. According to inside sources, CBD sales has had added an additional $1,000 USD in revenue for them in the last month.

Not just for profit

Although the CBD products have helped the store with rising revenues yet that’s not the only fillip for it to offer them. As mentioned previously, the store is looking forward to share the healing power of CBD with as many people as possible. Added to treating pain, CBD products can also help to deal with anxiety, stress as well as depression.

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