Card games are undoubtedly one of the most popular games online. You have amazing variants like BandarQ, Solitaire, Rummy and so on. The best part is, the virtual card gaming world keeps on adding new options every now and then. One of the latest card game numbers online is Let It Ride. Now, you must be curious to know more about it? Well, here is a brief on the online Let It Ride card game.

Basic rules & gameplay

Players here would have to place wagers on 5-card poker hand. This hand is formed with 3 cards of the player as well as couple of community cards. To start with, a player will get 3 cards initially. The other two cards will be on table with face down. Now, one of these cards would be flipped so that players are able to place their wagers. After all wagers have been placed, the remaining card would be flipped. It will allow players to place final wagers.

Ability to reduce wagers

Interestingly, players have the option to reduce wagers. This is unlike other 5-card poker games online. A Let It Ride Player will be able to reduce 1/3rd of his initial wager after he takes a look at his hand and prior to the disclosure of 1st community card. If you don’t feel like reducing wager, you may inform the dealer about the same. And yes, the game also lets you increase wager as well.

Bonus bet of 3 cards

Here is another interesting information about the game that players will love to know. Players may have the opportunity to avail additional bets in Let It Ride at times. One of the most popular bets here is 3 cards bet. It’s based on 3 cards that are held by the player since the first round.

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