Every person who is actually living on this earth has a favorite sport. And in the world of his or her sport, he or she is bound to have a favorite team. This may happen due to several different reasons. And this is one of the reasons for the sport being so popular. Just take the example of football and you might hear some common names from all the directions. It is the dedication that certain people have and the determination with which they play, that makes a sport so popular for people.

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What makes people love a team?

  • Their favorite player might be in this team
  • The team might have shown some exceptional performance
  • The team might belong to a country which is the dream country of a person
  • It might also be a team that has just defeated the team that a person dislikes the most
  • That time might have an endorsement from a particular brand that might be someone’s favorite
  • The owner of the team can be a famous person or a celebrity
  • It can be just for the sake of being part of a conversation, which does happen quite often

These people are very passionate about the sport. They may have a favorite team but they know how to respect the game and hence they really do not discriminate on such grounds. A team might not play as good as another and that is a result of the collective efforts of all the members of the team. But a team can surely play at the top of their game any day they want to.


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