There has been a surplus of MMORPG’s (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in the market for quite a few years now. Most major developers have released their own MMORPG one way of another. The abundance of MMORPG’s makes it hard for developers and their games gain traction in terms of number of players. There are even a number of online betting games through portals such as bola 88 related to MMORPG’s. In order to stand out, a game has to have differentiating factors that competitors don’t have.


Grand Fantasia – a Free Online MMORPG

Grand Fantasia is a free fantasy MMORPG by Aeria Games, offering a handful of features in gameplay which makes it worth checking out. Like with any other MMORPG’s, Grand Fantasia features an extensive guild system, intricate skill tree system and tons of quest for players. What makes it stand out over other usually MMORPG’s are some feature that has not been seen in any games before.


The unique sprite system

Grand Fantasia features a sprite system in the game that makes it stand out among the rest. Sprites are companions that players can create to accompany them in their adventure in the world of Grand Fantasia. These sprites not only gather loots and materials for the player, but can also craft powerful armors and weapons.


Other features worth mentioning

Aside from the intricate Sprite system, there are other notable feature in Grand Fantasia which makes it stand out from other games. There is a player statue system and a system for player romances, to give different players opportunity to connect in the game on a higher level.


Summary review of Grand Fantasia

With its well laid out world and impeccable 3D graphics, add to it key gameplay features unique to the game, Grand Fantasia makes for a complete and exciting MMORPG. Some even call it one of the best MMORPG’s they’ve played. If you’re in the fence on trying a new MMORPG, Grand Fantasia might be the game you’re looking for.



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