Going on auctions is one way to purchase items that are not only reasonably priced but also in good condition. Items are not also limited to just antiques. You can have a variety of new, second-hand or bulk items depending on its availability.

Even the industrial sector has items up for auctions be it for equipment or parts. If you’re interested in industrial auctions, then the list below is for you. Use it as a guide in checking out companies that offer items up to be auctioned this 2019.

Blackbird Asset Services

This auction company is well known in Buffalo, NY. They’re certified in appraisals and also specialize in the sales of real estate, machinery and equipment commercially. Their auctioneer license is known all over North America. So if you’re in need of bidding on any auctioned equipment and machinery, check out Blackbird Asset Services.

Davis Auctions Inc.

Located in Prospect, Connecticut, this auctions company receives consignments daily that auctions are held every few months or so. In fact, their website is up to date that you can check out the auction schedules so you can fit your schedule around it. Davis Auctions deal with construction equipment and utility company equipment.


Bidspotter is an online auction site that caters to almost everything you can think of. They have industrial and commercial equipment, agricultural, printing and laboratory equipment, and even more. You might even find an MRO auctions in this site if you’ll look closely enough. Online auctions are so convenient that you definitely have to check this site out.


Another online equipment and industrial auction site is Purplewave. It’s a no reserve auction which means bidders go up against one another at the same time. That way it’s fair and everyone can have a shot at an item. They stand by their own motto which is straightforward, easy and simple.

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