It is better to transform the fabric using the heat transfer vinyl as it gives the fabric a new look. You can also layer the heat transfer vinyl by following some rules. These rules will be helpful, and also you can layer the iron every day on. Heat transfer vinyl can be applied to many different types of fabrics, and you need to prepare for it before.

You need to follow some steps that are required to layer heat transfer vinyl which is as follows:-

  1. You need to get the design and change the colors of the vinyl.
  2. After getting the design, you can also cut them down.
  3. Now you need to layer them down on the shirt or the surface where you want to make them.
  4. You can also resize them according to your need and measurements.
  5. Make sure you mirror the image under the mats.
  6. You need to select the material type, and then you need to put the iron press on the shiny material that is to be put.
  7. After keeping the press, send the material to be cut with the cutting machine.
  8. After cutting, the excess material and the vinyl has to be removed.
  9. Now you need to layer them and make sure that the material fits into the surface of the cloth.
  10. Now put the vinyl and start with the last layer of the cloth.
  11. Press the material by using the iron.
  12. You need to set the temperature of the iron and make sure you keep it for a particular time.

You need to follow the steps mentioned above in order to layer the heat transfer vinyl. It is better to layer the heat transfer in order to make it look beautiful.

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