Brawl Stars is making a wave in the mobile gaming market ever since its release by Supercell last year. Thanks to its vibrant graphics, simple yet interesting play modes and wonderful reward system, this game is loved by many.

The unique and most important feature of Brawl Stars is its brawlers. There are several types of brawlers, each bearing their own rarity. Super Rare, Mythic and Legendary brawlers are few examples. Legendary brawlers form the highest tier of brawlers. It is the aim of every player to get his/her hands on one of the Legendary brawlers, who have special abilities to their characters. Leon, Crow and Spike are the three Legendary brawlers who are rare to achieve yet on every player’s wish list.

How to get your hands on Legendary Brawlers?

Below tips and cheats for brawl stars will help you to get your hands on Legendary Brawlers in the game.

  1. Buy one using gems

This looks like the easiest option to get a legendary brawler. There are certain offers that pop up in shops which enable you to buy a legendary with gems. If you wait a little, the offers tend to get better with time. You can either choose to pay using some real money, or stack up on enough gems from several boxes to get yourself a legendary brawler.

  1. Get one in a box

The most common way to get a legendary brawler is by unlocking Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes or Mega Boxes. You can either again buy these boxes, or use tokens and star tokens to unlock them.  Make use of the information in the loot boxes to know your chances of getting a brawler in that box.

  1. Collect brawlers of a particular rarity

If you happen to unlock all brawlers belonging to a particular rarity, your chances of getting a legendary brawler increases.

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