Brawl stars is another interesting and amazing game that has been launched into the gaming world where the playing teams have different characters known as the brawlers and they have amazing powers and tactics to survive in different modes.

But to be a pro in brawl stars is not that easy as it looks. Here are some tips and tricks which can for sure make a gamer pro in it.

  1. Know the game modes and brawlers

There are different modes in this game like smash & grab, Heist, Showdown and Bounty, also there are 22 brawlers in the game each one of them have different abilities and powers. Once the player knows which brawler works best in which mode then the game becomes stronger.

  1. Attack as a squad

While playing the game its always the best option to go on for attacking altogether rather than just playing all alone, this way the chances are to lose. So its always good if a team go on for attacking as a team.

  1. Run

Running away may sound weird and show the cowardness of the member while battling in the arena but to win, this is the smartest move. The one who have the maximum numbers of crystals should always run away. If the brawler has collected 10 or more than 10 crystals then the brawler should save itself and run.

  1. Be attentive

While playing one should always have an eye on the member playing against each member has a circle around them, the friendly team with blue circle and the enemy team with the red circle. The member of an enemy team should be on a check as they can anytime harm the friendly team.

Following are the tips which can definitely make a gamer a pro in the brawl stars but there are also some brawl stars hack download ios as well.

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