With the rise of different environmental issues that we are experiencing in our modern generation where plastics, rubber, chemicals and other toxic materials to our environment, it is an imperative to look for alternatives and solutions to help maintain and conserve our environment. Thanks to the invention and continuous rise of eco-friendly materials like metal, bamboo or metal straw, we, somehow, are minimizing the harmful effects of plastics in our surrounding. But with different materials being used as an alternative for plastic straws, what is the most eco-friendly: metal straw, bamboo straw or paper straw? Well, to answer that question, read on and learn!

To be direct and straightforward, bamboo straw is the undisputedly and undeniably the most eco-friendly among metal and paper. Let us start from the manufacturing phase of bamboo straw. Right from where bamboo straws are being manufactured, bamboo has the tendency and ability to be decomposed easily because it is made from 100% organic bamboo materials.

On the other hand, metal straws production causes so many C02 emissions that creates global warming. While on the production point of view of paper, the materials used in this type of straw do not give the right texture or softness. They also lose their shapes very fast which become almost one time disposable straws.

Hence, bamboo straws stand between the effectiveness of both metal and paper straws. It stands in the good balance of other alternative eco-friendly materials used in making straw.

Lastly, while you can find cheap paper straws, it doesn’t give you the guarantee of sufficient production. Metal straws on the other hand are pricey for restaurants and food establishments to make them available on their shops and stores. Therefore, it is safe to say that bamboo straws are the most eco-friendly straws.


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