Like Humans are so choosy and careful about their diets, same they should do for their pets. They should provide food to cats that suit their health. Here, we are talking about the food that could be dangerous to your cat so you should avoid it. Look for some of the toxic foods for cats.

  • Onions and Garlics
  • Raw eggs and raw meat
  • Chocolate and caffeinated drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy and milk products

What should be feed to cats?

With the above mentioned items which are dangerous for cats. Nulo which is a pet food company suggests feeding Nulo grain free cat food. The brand products are available online and in few stores.

Reasons to choose Nulo brand

Get some of the reasons to choose the brand –

  • Nulo brand provide food that does not contain any chemical, artificial flavors, grains etc.
  • It is full of quality ingredients and free from grains. So, cats safely consume them.
  • Proper amount of carbohydrates are used by Nulo so that cats can get proper nutrition without any fat.
  • The products contain the company’s patented probiotics.
  • The brand products keep cats away from diseases and boost their immunity.
  • The food provided by Nulo is safe for kittens and adult cats also.

Proper Nutrition for cats

There should be 3 qualities that you should include in cat nutrition –

  • High-quality and high-quantity protein
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Proper water content

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