There are many excellent adventure game that will be on a gamer’s memories. Through the years, adventure games have been modified. Although the greatest adventure games were popular in the 90s  era. But, some of the adventure games have not been appreciated. Through the competition of the game developers and the accessibility to people on that game. Also, the games have been changed through the rising of the internet. So that many of the gamers don’t know what are the previous adventure games.  Here are some adventure games every player should try.

Grim Fandango

The Grim Fandango is an adventure game created by Lucas Arts and was released in the year 1998. Also, the game was directed by Tim Schafer. The game used a 3D computer graphics extended on a rendered static background. The players should converse with a character and accumulate, examine and use something to solve a mystery. It is set on the land of the dead, which represented a calaca figure. Who travel before they enter their last destination.


The myst is a puzzle graphic adventure game, created by the miller brothers. It was released in the year 1993. Players of the game we’re told that there is a unique book allow them to travel into the myst island. The players should travel to the four worlds. Known as generations, which will reveal the past of the gamers’ character.

Day Of The Tentacle

It is a graphic adventure game created by the LucasArt. And published in 1993. The game design is. You must stop the evil tentacle a sentient that was taking over the world. The players should be on 3 and solve the puzzles. Using the time travel to explore a different period of history.

Game Features

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