There have been many cases where advertising has been prohibited by the State Government and Courts. Lawyers were to face issues with the Bar Council when they are making fake promises to their clients which taint the purity of law. Advertising is considered unethical when lawyers make use of illegal means to attract clients.

Are lawyers allowed to advertise?

It has become a very controversial topic even though many rules have been passed by courts of different places. Not a branch of law is prohibited from advertising their services because it is considered more complex than others. New lawyers were having a hard time entering their choice of field without having much information. The clients could not do anything without having a little knowledge about their case and if people are taking their advantage or genuinely trying to help them. The lawyers were allowed to advertise on one condition that they cannot promise their clients to win the case because they can only try their best using the legal and proper methods.

Why is it so controversial if lawyers advertise?

The lawyers have pledged to serve the interest of the people but they cannot do it when the clients are not aware of their services and the facilities they provide. Advertising can only be accepted in this profession when the purpose of the advertising is to make people more aware of the services offered to them. When lawyers mislead their clients by using illegal means, in the advertising or any other method, they will face problems in their profession. Most of the lawyers try to prevent using advertising for their profession or bringing clients to them.

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