3 Best Youtube To MP3 Converters

Are you having a long lazy day at work? Some entertainment might help you to charge up in that case. But wait; is it really ethical to watch videos or shows on YouTube at work? The answer is of course not. Well obviously that’s too bad because coffee is not helping you anymore. Only if you knew how to convert videos into MP3 formats your day could have been saved. Yes, you read it right. You can convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 format now.

Videos may be a distraction. But you can always plug in your head phones and multitask right? YouTube to Mp3 converters will help you do just the thing you need. A MP3 version of your favorite podcast or song may be. There are various number of YouTube video converters that you can find online.3 best YouTube to MP3 converters that you can find online are as follows:

  • Any Video Converter: This video converter tops the list. It allows you to convert your videos to MP3 in a jiffy. It is available online and free of cost
  • 4K YouTube to MP3: This video converter follows right behind the first in terms of ratings. Hassle free, quick and easy vide to MP3 conversion.
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: This comes third in the list but effective nonetheless. As the name suggest, this converter converts your videos for free

You can get tutorials on YouTube on how to convert the videos. You can go now on your YouTube MP3 playlist whenever you feel bored. These YouTube converters are not just hassle free but also available free of cost. Also there are various options available online, you can choose from. Go get your favorite podcast and song download in your device. They might just come handy in a short solo trip you may have been planning.

Factors To Avoid Smartphone Malware

While downloading the applications and games, there is a chance of getting affecting by virus or malware. You need to avoid downloading apk files as they transmit the malware. There are many ways to avoid malware and prevent your smartphone. Also, you can use antivirus to avoid the virus. If you want to make the device secure and safe from malware and other dangerous activities, then click here.

You need to take some measures to protect your phone from malware which is as follows:-

  1. Set passwords

You should put a lock on your smartphone. This will help you in protecting your phone as to when the phone is locked it is safe.

  1. Use antivirus and keep off unknown sources

Use an antivirus scanner, as it will be helpful after downloading any application or game. The scanner will scan the game and tell you that it is safe for your phone or not or does it contain any virus. Also, keep off then unknown sources off for any app, as it can cause malware from unknown sources if kept on.

  1. Avoid APK files

While downloading, some apps need to download the apk files. This is an android package which is sometimes needed by software to download the application, but it has a dark side also. It comes with malware and includes criminal element. So, it is considered better to avoid downloading apk files.

  1. Grant permissions that are required and use less Bluetooth

Some applications need to access permissions that your phone is allowing. So just allow the permissions that are only required and don’t give access to all the things as it may transmit some virus by other resources. Also, use less Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as connectivity to these outside the house can cause malware in your phone.

Moving further, after downloading the applications or games you must scan it to know before using that it should not contain any antivirus or malware.

3 Things Every Youth Footballer Should Remember

Have you enrolled your child into a youth football team? That’s great; youth football assures tons of physical and mental health benefits. But every youth football player has to pass through tough times. The goal here is to not to get bogged down by these challenges and march ahead with a positive outlook. This is where parents and coaches have to be really proactive to uplift the young players. The post below offers a brief on the most important things every youth footballer should know.

Give your best

The mantra is to give your best shot and forget the rest. If a youth footballer is conditioned to give his 100% most of the times, winning won’t be far behind. A youth footballer should be inspired to give his absolute best both while learning the game and while performing on the field.

Don’t be too pressed for winning

Winning is definitely important for any youth football player, his team, coach and parents. But you can’t win all the time. It’s natural. This is true for any game out there – be it Domino99 or baseball or football. A player should always be up for his best shot. The rest is not always in his hands. And losing out on a match is not bad always. It helps you to explore the mistakes made so that you can rectify them in the coming matches.

Near ones are by your side

When a youth footballer is unable to perform or loses out on a match, he is in dire need of support of his near ones. These include his parents and also his coach and teammates. His close ones should play an active role in motivating him to overcome his limitations and come up in the field with a renewed and more powerful performance.

Places Where You Find A Free Scholarship For Education

There are many different companies that offer scholarships to poor people. Also, there are a lot of methods that will help you to get sponsored depends on how you apply and how you implement them. You don’t need to much on your education as you can apply for the sponsorship and also search for the colleges that provide good quality with fewer fees. Let’s look at some of the places where you can get scholarships and also there are not many fees:-

  1. Education loan from a bank

You can also get an education loan from the bank and also there are many companies that provide loan for studies. And provides you the facility to pay back the loan after completing your studies and when you start to earn.

  1. Eligibility criteria of colleges

Some colleges and universities have eligibility criteria for your scores. Eligibility criteria are set different for different colleges, and if you come within the criteria, then your fees will be deducted as per your previous score.

  1. Government colleges

You can search for the government colleges as their fees are very low and also some government plans also provide scholarships to their students.

  1. Study abroad and work

If you want to study abroad then also you can take a loan and take admission in another country and can work after campus and can pay for your expenses. This facility helps many children to pay their bills and do a study together.

Additionally, there are many sites that provide scholarship like Indeed.com according to their criteria, and you can check what you’re eligible of. Apply to maximum scholarship sites or fill forms as you can get much chance of getting a scholarship as applying is free and if you are asked to pay then, it is a scam.

4 Popular Online Games To Play With Your Family

Online gaming is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. If both you and you are your little ones share the same passion for gaming, it would be fun to set up family gaming sessions on weekends. Do you have some similar plans on the coming weekend? Well, that’s cool and now you must be looking forward to find out the best online games to play with your family? You don’t have to search further as here is a list you are sure to enjoy.


Do your kids love spaceships and you too share the same liking? Well, then look no further than Spaceteam. It’s an engaging and fun multiplayer game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all age groups. The main protagonist of the game is a cute spaceship and you have to navigate it safely along a glowing exploding star. The game promises hours of excited yelling and vigorous button-pushing.

Online card games

Card games like blackjack, 29 or Domino99 have always been a favorite pass-time for almost any family. The online gaming world today has brought them straight on computers and smartphones to make things more convenient. No longer would you have to buy cards and worry about old worn out cards.


Do you enjoy boardgames? Well, Catan is a much loved online boardgame that is played in multiplayer board. Thanks to the online version, you won’t have to waste time in setting up the game board here. The game revolves around creating settlements as well as managing & trading resources strategically.

King of Opera

You have a fun and entertaining number here. The game is set on the backdrop of a stage where you have your players standing. The motto of each player here is to knock off other players so that he can achieve the maximum share of spotlight.

Ways To Make More Money While Playing Online Games

Playing online games is now more fun and exciting than ever. This is because online games do not just offer entertainment but they can also be a platform where players can earn money. Yes, you heard that right. Nowadays, there are a lot of online games in the market that pay you by just simply playing them. Additionally, there are websites and game developing firms that pay players to test their designed games before introducing it to the actual market. If you are interested to know these games, you are in the right place. Here are some of the online games and websites that pay you while you play them.


Gamesville is considered as the most popular online gaming site that pay players. In playing in this website, you earn and get GV rewards which then can be converted into cash, and other prizes.


Swagbucks is one of the best websites if you would like to get paid while paying. This website offers a lot of tasks like watching videos, searching items, shopping and playing games.


Roblox provides a wide variety of games for you to play. Usually, you can earn 10$ per day as you start and make even more money as you continuously play over time. All you have to do is sign up and you’re all set up!

These are just some of the websites and online games that pay you money as you play games. There are many more you can find in the Internet. BandarQQ for instance, is one of the best online game websites where you can make more money. Indeed, the phase of mobile gaming has transformed tremendously. Now, players can now have fun and earn money at the same time.

Top Hacks To Promote Your App On App Stores

Consumers are getting increasingly dependent on mobile phones for shopping decisions today. No wonder, every business now should have a business app to make things convenient for their target niche. But having an app is not enough. You have to be proactive to promote it on app stores to reach out maximum possible potential customers and that too at the shortest time possible. The post below shares some insights on how to promote all apps on app stores.

Arm app with targeted keywords

Your app should be powered with most relevant, low-competitive yet popular keywords. Around 2/3rd of downloads on Apple app store are based on searches. If your app is backed by the right set of keywords, the app store will bring you to the fore when a search is made related to your industry.

Get featured

One of the best ways to promote your application on app store is to secure a berth on the famous Feature page of Apple app store. Easy visibility on the Feature page will always ensure better and faster exposure of your app the all visitors. This is certainly one of the smartest and quickest way to bring your app before your target niche.

Count on Search Ads

If you need an extra pump for your app, take to Search Ads on app stores. These ads allow you to spread the word about your app more effectively. Those who sign up for Search Ads get to explore various advanced features that assure more successful promotion and exposure for their apps. For example, Search Ads enable you to post ads targeting particular audience niches, based on location data and demographic details.

Request bloggers for promotion

You can also request leading bloggers from your industry to write positive reviews on your application. You can post the link of your app page on app stores in the blog posts to send readers directly to the app page.

What Are Corporate Gifting? Why It Is Important For Corporate World?

The promotional corporation gifts are the inventive way to increase the productivity and sale. The promotional gifts and corporate gifts are substantial way to stimulate customer’s devotion. The corporation gifts are used to promote your brand in a positive manner. If you are willing to send gifts to employees and clients than it is the best way to promote your product. Everyone likes receiving gifts and once you gifted your product then it will bring interest in buying your item.

The corporate gifts wholesale singapore are used to send right message and gifts to fair people. It is used to build relationship with employees and clients as well as with other customers. It helps in spreading awareness to customers about your product and company.

What Are The Items Include In Promotional Corporate Gifts?

There are several kind of corporate gifts wholesale singapore which are beneficial and very effective to send to your employees and clients. It is also less expensive because items are ordered in bulk quantity and from wholesale shop. Sending corporate gifts are a culture all over the world. If you are planning to give someone than always gift something this will retain for a longer time. Also the gift should be effective and useful. Corporate gifs re trending online and you will get number of suggestions.

Some corporate gifts ideas are home decoration items, pens, notepads, calendars, digital watch, T-shirts, bags, key rings, hand towels, show pieces and many more.

Sending Corporate gifts are elegant way to gift someone because it always helps you to increase the sale of your belongings and products. These gifts helps to upgrade companies and customers got happy by receiving free gifts. It helps in building trust in your product in positive manner.

Best Online Gaming Stores Right Now

The gaming industry has been on an exponential, steady growth in the last few years. It is estimated that by 2021 the gaming market will hit $180 billion in revenue. A huge part of this success is due to the rise in popularity on online games.

The internet has provided gamers a way to interact with other gamers across the globe. This in turn has raised the level of competitiveness of players online. The problem is, while there are a number of online games for gamers, they are also available in different online gaming stores. You will have to make an account on all online gaming stores to be able to play the games they offer. A 

You’ll probably end up creating an account on a number of online gaming stores, but this will help you decide which ones to prioritize and will make sure you don’t end up betting online with the use of Vegas99bet tips.

  • Net

Blizzard has some of the best online games available right now. They house some of the most popular multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft and Overwatch. There are also games that have mobile versions such as Hearthstone. If you plan on joining the Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 community, then Battle.Net is your way.

  • Steam

Steam is arguably the most popular online gaming store right now. Steam is the way to access 2 of the most popular online games at the moment, Dota 2 and PUBG. On top of it, Steam has a vast library of other games that players can choose from. Additionally, Steam puts on sale most of its games in the library, so if you want to purchase affordable but quality games, this is where you should be.

  • Origin

This online gaming store has most of Electronic Arts’ recent works in their library. Though not as big as the first 2 mentioned stores, some of its titles are slowly gaining popularity among the gaming community. Be one of the first players before any of these games become powerhouse titles in the near future.

Why Is Cheap Iphone Repair Required?

Lots of folks are facing a lot of problems in the Iphone. In order to cope with a cracked or damaged screen, one should consider a certified repair shop. Try to find out a certified shop where you will able to get repair of the phones. All things depend on the requirements. While sitting in the front of the computer, the user can find the shop that can provide repairing of the parts. Before giving a phone to any person, you should discuss the price and problems with him. All you need to find a reputed iphone screen repair shops are mentioned below.

Sometimes, finding a perfect company can be tempting sometimes because you need to check the price of repairing carefully. In order to repair the damaged phone, then consider the experience of a person. Let’s discuss the reasons why professional Iphone Repair Company is required.

  • Virus and other issues

If you want to prevent the phone from complicated virus and malware, then you have to install the antivirus in the phone that will prevent certain problems. Professional technicians will surely fix complicated issues. An expert will surely fix a lot of issues like application errors and other glitches that is really frustrating.

  • Consider the battery issues

Before giving a phone to any person, you have to discuss everything related to the battery and screen problems with him. If you want to get rid of complicated issues, then try to find a fantastic local iphone screen repair company.

  • Buttons issue

Buttons problems are really frustrating. It is a particular glitch that a professional can fix within a fraction of seconds.

Moreover, make sure that you are finding a shop who can offer the top-notch quality services at a reasonable worth. A person will surely repair certain parts like short circuit related problems with ease.